Download a handout that can be used to promote City Life 2014.

About City Life

City Life is a ministry of CE National, a church effectiveness ministry.

CE National has always been interested in offering a variety of ministry opportunities for students that will aid them in their walk with Jesus. Operation Barnabas has been in existence for over 40 years—and involves over seven weeks of the summer. In recent years, the Urban Hope Training Center has been offering weekend and one-week ministry opportunities in the inner-city of Philadelphia. CE National’s newest ministry training tour, “City Life” offers a 2 week experience for high school students, focusing on major US metro areas.  The past two years, City Life has focused on the Eastern US, with a variety of service opportunities in Washington DC, New York City, and Philadelphia.

In 2014, City Life will be heading to the West Coast and will include ministry opportunities in the Southern California cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. Print

Trained adult leadership staff will host a one and a half day orientation and then it is off to put it into practice.  Ministry opportunities include helping with homeless ministries, helping with day camps, work projects, and more.

So who can participate in City Life?  While this ministry is for high school students, it includes those going into 9th grade (just finished 8th grade) through those who have just graduated.


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CE National  wants to help students and adults effectively “live on mission” in every aspect of life. We encourage you to participate in other CE National ministries in hands on inner-city ministry, (Urban Hope), on a seven week summer ministry experience (Operation Barnabas), at a Momentum Youth Conference, or even in pursuing youth ministry as a career (The National Institute).

Urban Hope, Operation Barnabas, and Operation Barnabas International—are all ministry programs that have been overseen for many years by CE National.  The same purpose and care is being put into the growth and spiritual development for all participating on this new fifteen day ministry opportunity.tour_c

So why would a high school student want to go on City Life?
- You get to travel to unique and interesting places
- You get to help people
- You get to serve in the name of Jesus with other high school students from around the country
- It isn’t for a whole summer—it is for 15 days

Why would a youth pastor want a student of his to go on City Life?
- It provides a great opportunity to help a student “stretch out of his or her comfort zone”
- It will encourage a student to get involved in the ministry at the local church and the home
community upon returning home

Why would parents want their student to go on City Life?
- It teaches self reliance within a context of spiritual supervision
- It broadens the student’s view of the world and its need for God
- The time commitment is just 15 days so there are other options for the summer as well (band
camp, sports camps, family vacations, etc)

To assist high school students to live a life that is "on mission" for God.