City Life Summer Ministry Team


City Life’s purpose is to assist high school students to live a life that is ON MISSION for God.


The goal is to train high school students in a love relationship with God and His church by exposing them to ministry opportunity, learning how to share their faith and love and serve others.

Why City Life?

City Life focuses on ministry opportunities in major metropolitan areas. In the  summer of 2019, City Life will partner with CE National’s Urban Hope location in Los Angeles and use this site as home base. June 11 – 18 is the time frame for City Life in Los Angeles  Students who have just completed 8th grade through high school seniors are welcome to apply. Read more…

About City Life

City Life is a ministry of CE National located in Winona Lake, Indiana.  City Life values are:

  • To provide quality, godly adult leadership for each ministry exposure team
  • To prepare students for the ministry at hand
  • To provide evaluation and debriefing sessions for each ministry opportunity
  • To encourage participation in ministry opportunities upon returning home

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