About City Life Summer Ministry Experience

City Life is a ministry of CE National located in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Dates,Location & Support Total:

June 1 – 8, 2019 for the Philadelphia team and June 11-18, 2019 for the LA team. Students may apply for one of two locations. The support total for either team is $610, which includes a non-refundable $100 deposit.  Applications are available online now.  The application deadline is April 1, 2019. More info can be found by downloading the Frequently Asked Questions document below!

FAQ for City Life 2019

City Life Target Group:

Students who are going into High School (have finished 8th grade) through those who have just graduated.

City Life Values:

  • To provide quality, godly adult leadership for each ministry exposure team
  • To prepare students for the ministry at hand
  • To provide evaluation and debriefing sessions for each ministry opportunity
  • To encourage participation in ministry opportunities upon returning home

City Life Objectives:

For students to know:

  • the importance of who God is
  • how to follow a plan to read God’s word each day
  • the facts of the Gospel including foundational verses
  • his responsibility as a follower of Jesus

For students to be:

  • understanding truth from God’s Word
  • thinking of the needs of others more than self
  • personally challenged by various ways to be and do “church” for the glory of God
  • committed to prayer for individuals who need Christ

For students to be equipped how to:

  • Initiate conversations
  • turn conversations towards the spiritual
  • pray for and with people
  • share a personal testimony